Bathroom Remodeling – Find the Perfect Way to Remodel Your Bathroom

There are many reasons to consider having a bathroom remodeling project in Los Angeles. With housing prices skyrocketing and the threat of more foreclosure notices on the horizon, there is no time like the present to bring a bathroom to life and make it shine. One such reason is the need to update an aging bathroom with contemporary upgrades. Another is to add value to the home by adding a tub and shower to add square feet of living space to the bathroom that was previously non-existent.

The national average for a mid-size bathroom remodeling project cost for a fairly small five foot by ten foot bathroom, including all fixtures and attachments, are about $5k, and this cost usually doubles if you hire a professional bathroom remodeling contractor to do the job. Adding a hot tub or replacing old tubs with modern shower stalls and/or walk-in showers can give your bathroom a face lift. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the choices available for the fixtures and showers available on the market today. So the question becomes, what do I look for when choosing the tub and shower replacement?

If you are just starting out on a budget for your remodeling project, it is easy to do a “tweak” on one aspect of the bathroom such as painting the walls or changing the faucet handles. But this approach can have the effect of making the remodeling costly over the long run. Remember, your bathroom remodeling is a “work in progress”, so do not go rushing off to make last minute changes. Some professionals recommend that it is best to start with the entire bathroom remodeling project and not just tackle one aspect of it, which would be a better approach. However, a good starting point is to replace worn faucets, baseboards, and bathtub and shower handles.

If the hardware in your bathroom remodeling project is all new bathtubs, then it is likely that the tub and shower faucet will need to be replaced as well. One of the easiest ways to make your bathtub and shower look brand new again is by replacing the hardware. Older bathtubs and showers will have metal handles and fittings, but many new bathtubs have plastic or even glass handles. Replacing the hardware with new ones will really bring the bathtub and shower into the new age and will add charm and style. It can also provide added safety since you won’t be using that kind of bar handle any more.

Most contractors will offer a free estimate on any bathroom remodeling project, but it helps if you have a basic idea of what you want and where it needs to be done before you talk with the contractor. This will make the contractor’s job easier because they will know what size materials to buy, how many to get done at once and what kinds of fixtures and features you would like to have. A good bathroom contractor will be honest with you about the cost of the project and try to give you a fair estimate rather than trying to overcharge you. You should also take the time to look at some pictures of other homes that have had their bathrooms remodeled by the same company so you will know what things to look for.

Bathroom remodels are fun projects to take on for anyone who enjoys a touch of luxury in the home. They can be very affordable and add considerable value to the home. When you are planning your bathroom remodeling project, you may need to do some research to find out what contractors in your area have good reputations, and are experienced in installing all kinds of fixtures, from new walk-in tubs to replacement showers. It also helps to find out what kind of services and warranties they offer for their work. When you hire a Los Angeles bathroom remodeling company who has done many remodels and knows what he or she is doing, it will be easier to get the results you want.