What Are the Services That Auto Detailing Services Offer?

A popular misconception about car detailing is it’s just a standard, every day wash-off job you can perform yourself at home or at the nearest drive-through auto wash. This is not true! There are all kinds of benefits to car detailing beyond simply enhancing the appearance of your car’s paint job. A deep clean and exterior detailing service can also help extend the life of your vehicle, keep it running smoothly and improve its resale value.

When most people think of deep cleaning, they think of the kind you get at the local car wash or detail shop. While it’s true that some types of car detailing services require you to use a truck and some chemicals, the process has no harmful effects on your vehicle and is easy to perform yourself at home. Many people underestimate the power their car has to clean itself. Not only does the exterior of your car need to be cleaned regularly but the interior has to, too.

Every car’s interior needs to be maintained, as well. A Clearwater car detailing company can provide a number of services for your vehicle that include soft washing, deep washing and even interior touch-ups. You might think that washing your car internally only entails running a mild detergent through your car’s interior and washing it down with water, but that’s only half the battle. The interior also needs a good scrubbing and a coat of clearcoat.

Clearcoat is a protective coating that makes shiny surfaces stay shiny and clean. It’s also helpful in waterproofing your car and keeping mold from growing, especially in bathrooms and break rooms. Some car detailing companies recommend using mineral spirits to clean windows and chrome; however, many other companies don’t like the smell and have moved on to the less toxic option of lacquer. Both options leave your car with a deep shine but clean insides that are also protected from the elements. Other interior cleaning services that your car detailing company can provide include waxing, which removes small contaminants that can build up over time and leave your interior looking dingy and dirty.

While all of these services are important to maintaining the value and condition of your vehicle, perhaps the most important step of all is to keep your car clean. Car detailing services that remove dirt and grime from your car help keep things looking their best. However, it’s important to remember that sometimes dirt can get trapped underneath the paint. This can cause pitting, chipping or cracking. Professional auto detailing services can clean up this type of problem, as well. They will take a brushes, pad and chemical solution to the area that needs cleaning and remove it completely.

Finally, the tires and wheels are the last touch. Tire cleaning is a very important part of the auto detailing process. The tires must be cleaned to get rid of the unsightly marks that often appear when a vehicle is driven by an untrained driver, and they must be properly inflated. A car detailing services can easily do both of these tasks, leaving you with a clean drive. It’s important that you ask about the specific services that are offered with your car so that you know what’s included in the cost.